Noise Barriers

Esposito Bros designs, manufactures, and installs noise cancellation barriers across the GTA. Learn more below how we can work with you to not only install but manufacture noise barriers for your project and keep costs low.

Our noise barriers

The variety of finishes available for our noise barrier makes these systems the only concrete sound walls that are easily adapted to blend with local architectural designs. Used for commercial development and roadway expansion projects, these commercial grade sound walls block out sight, sound, wind and intruders in quiet beauty.

Versatile Noise Wall Solutions Using Precast Concrete

Noise wall solutions using the unmatched strength and durability of precast concrete with a variety of finishes provide a number of features. What makes our outdoor sound barriers so attractive is they serve as a protective security fence, attractive privacy wall, versatile sight barrier and an economic retaining wall. The extended features make these precast concrete sound barriers economic and effective applications.

What makes these outdoor sound barriers as effective as they are? They are constructed of 6-inch-thick panels and steel-reinforced concrete with an integral column. These soundproof wall panels are securely joined by a tongue and groove connection. The width and height of sections are variable, depending on the noise barrier wall application.

Combine the innovative technology behind the outdoor sound barriers and the durability of precast concrete and you can see why our highway sound barriers are as popular as they are. The low installation costs of concrete sound walls lead to an economical buy when compared to metal or wood noise barrier wall applications. The noise barrier wall system has the additional advantage of being relocated if highway boundaries change.

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