environment and sustainability

Without supporting our future, we have no future.

Every day, on every job, Esposito Bros strives to minimize the environmental impacts of its operations through consistent improvements that address environmental management and performance.

We continually strive to provide greener solutions for our clients. Working within an environmental framework is critical to the successful delivery of projects. Esposito Bros. has proven our ability to put sustainability at the forefront of our construction projects and employs many sustainable strategies as part of our everyday practices.

Esposito Bros regularly utilizes site recycling and waste management programs, strives for earthwork balance on projects, and reuses existing pavement sections as the sub-base for new pavement sections. Additionally, a large amount of our off-road equipment is capable of running on biodiesel, reducing fossil fuel consumption.

We have proven experience with:
  • Regulatory requirements and reporting
  • Fuel handling and spill prevention
  • Erosion and sediment control
  • Soil salvage and handling protocols
  • Water quality monitoring, reporting and management
  • Wildlife management

The enviroment is a core value of esposito bros.

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